Students in the Department of International Studies may select from a unique curriculum in the 21st century fields among International Conflict Management, International Public Relations, International Legal Studies, Women and HRD, etc. and get a certificate when they graduate.

Students should take at least a minimum of 9 credits in one field for a certificate. These fields include:

  • Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • International Public Relations
  • International Legal Studies
  • Global Women Leadership
  • Public-Private Partnership and CSR
  • East Asian Studies
  • Regional Cooperation

Students are required to submit application form to request for 21st century program certificate at her 4th semester. Some courses can be accepted as major requirements/electives and 21st century field requirements at the same time.Among 9 credits for a selected field, at least 3 credits (i.e., 1 course) should be taken from courses offered by GDIS to receive the 21st century certificate.

21st Century Certificates Program

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