Ewha Womans University has been working with the Harvard Summer School for the past three years on the Ewha-Harvard Summer School Program.

This program gives a chance to Ewha and Harvard Summer School students to take classes together taught by Harvard professors and delve deeper into the studies of Korea’s culture, history, literature, politics and society, and its language.

Along with the classes, students also get a chance to engage in various academic/cultural activities related to the courses. During the summer of 2008, Professor David McCann, the Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature at Harvard University, offered a course entitled, "The Korea Wave (한류),” and Professor Sang-suk Oh of Harvard University coordinated the Korean language classes. Throughout the course the students learned “the various ways in which contemporary Korea has made its cultural presence felt in twenty-first-century Asia and the world” (excerpt from the Harvard Summer School website), and explored various aspects and characteristics of Korea’s unique traditional poem sijo. In summer of 2007 students took a course entitled “The Two Koreas” offered by Professor Carter Eckert, the Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean History at Harvard University.

Through this course, the students were able to gain insight in “modern Korean history and historiography,” by having “discussions and debates about North Korea and the US-Korea relationship, Korea’s Japanese colonial legacy, and other topical issues” (excerpts from the Harvard Summer School booklet “Study Abroad with Harvard”).

This fascinating course also included excursions to various museums and significant historical sites to give students a chance to explore and closely feel the history of Korea.

Ewha Harvard Summer Program

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