The Institute for Development and Human Security (IDHS) was first founded in September 2007 as the Global Cooperation Center (GCC). The GCC was established as South Korea’s first think-tank devoted to multidisciplinary research and outreach programs on development cooperation with a special emphasis on official development assistance (ODA). In 2009, the GCC was renamed as the Institute for Development and Human Security (IDHS) to better reflect its expanded research interests when it was awarded the World Class University (WCU) grant by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Korea. Since then, IDHS has focused on two areas of research: comparative analysis of development cooperation, and human security and development in conflict-affected areas.



In September 2013, Dr. EunMee Kim, Dean and Professor of Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) and Director of IDHS at EwhaWomans University, and her research team received a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (hereinafter, the Gates Foundation), the first research grant from the Gates Foundation to a university in South Korea.



Established in 2000 by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, the Gates Foundation is the world’s largest private foundation, and its interests are including global issues such as health, poverty and opportunity. The Gates Foundation has recognized Ewha’s research excellence in the field of international development cooperation and potential for interdisciplinary research collaboration across the university.



Professor Kim and her research team conduct a study on “Advocacy for Korean Engagement in Global Health and Development” from September 2013 to August 2016.The research team is an interdisciplinary group composed of faculty members from the Graduate School of International Studies (EunMee Kim and Hyun Sang Shin), School of Medicine (Soon Nam Lee, Kyung-Hyo Kim, EunHee Ha, Jae Jin Han, Young Ju Kim, and MiHye Park), Women’s Studies (Eun-Shil Kim), Public Administration (Minah Kang), Sociology (Harris Hyunsoo Kim) and the Division of International Studies (Jean S. Kang). A former Assemblywoman, Dr. MyoungOckAhn(President and CEO, National Medical Center) is also participating in the research team. The interaction between the members with diverse backgrounds will foster synergy through interdisciplinary approach based on development cooperation, gender study, public administration, public health, and medicine.



Currently, the research team focuses on South Korea’s engagement with international development cooperation with a special emphasis on enhancing global health, raising public awareness and support for Korea’s ODA efforts, and developing a global network strategy between international and domestic organizations.


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