International Studies
Hyekyung Kim님의 사진입니다.
Name Hyekyung Kim (Invited Professor)
Alma Mater
Research M.S. Boston University, Computer Science, M.P.A. Havard Kenndy School Public Administration
Major Fields of Instructions
Hyekyung Kim is recognized as one of the national leading authorities on civil society and international development. For the past two decades, she has worked to strengthen the contributions of non-governmental organizations to development as an advocate, organizer, writer, and activist, and extended development work in the countries including Vietnam, Mongolia, East Timor, Kenya and Rwanda. Hyekyung graduated from Seoul National University with Bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and was awarded Master of Science degree in Computer Science by Boston University. She joined Edward S. Mason Program in Public Policy and Management of Harvard Kennedy School and awarded the degree of Master in Public Administration by Harvard Kennedy School.

Returning to Korea after living in the United States for ten years, she entered the world of non-governmental organizations in 1994 and spent the next seventeen years working in advocacy and development NGOs including Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ), Global Civic Sharing (GCS), ODA Watch, and Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP). In the cases of GCS and ODA Watch, Hyekyung played a leading role in founding the organizations. During this time, she worked as an adviser to the government including Korea Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Ministry of Finance and Strategy. Hyekyung worked as adjunct professors at the Graduate School of NGOs of Kyung-Hee University and the Graduate School of International Studies of Ewha Womans University.

In 2010 Hyekyung was appointed as the Secretary to the President for Women and Family Affairs of LEE Myung Bak Government, where she was overseeing national policies on gender, family, youth, childcare and population. One year later, she was appointed as the Secretary to the President for Civil Society, where she led policies on civil society, patriots and veterans, and programs to improve governmental engagement with a wide range of civil society groups. In 2013, Hyekyung joined the Graduate School of International Studies of Ewha Womans University as an invited professor, where gives lectures on civil society and development.

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