International Studies
Inpyo Lee님의 사진입니다.
Name Inpyo Lee (Professor)
Alma Mater Ph.D. Yale University
Research Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, International Finance, Korean Economy, Economic Education
Major Fields of Instructions International Economics, Korean Economy, Development Cooperation
Tel +82-2-3277-2669
Inpyo Lee is an economist whose research has included theoretical and empirical macroeconomics, international finance, analysis of financial and fiscal policies in Korea, and economic education. He is the author of A Flow of-Funds Financial Model of Korea (1995), Global Taxation of Financial Income: Effects and Policy Implications (1996), and numerous articles on a wide range of topics. Trained at Seoul National University (B.A., M.A.) and Yale University (Ph.M., Ph.D.), Professor Lee was a research fellow at the Korea Institute of Public Finance before he joined Ewha.

International Studies

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