International Studies
Kisuk Cho님의 사진입니다.
Name Kisuk Cho (Professor)
Alma Mater Ph.D. Indiana University
Research American Politics, International Public Relations, Negotiation and Leadership, Women’s Studies
Major Fields of Instructions International Negotiations, International Public Relations, Public Diplomacy, Global Women Leadership
Tel +82-2-3277-3657
Kisuk Cho is a political scientist educated at Ewha (B.A.) and Indiana University (Ph.D.). She has studied the role of ‘trust and social capital’ in the field of International Conflict Resolution, International Public Relations and Global Leadership.

She has published numerous books and articles including “Female Labor Force Participation during Economic Crises in Argentina and the Republic of Korea”, “Do Women Lead Differently?” “Measurement Gap between Survey and Experimentation of Trust”. She is also a co-editor of Encyclopedia of Leadership.

She is a founder of a venture company “Leadership Frontier” which provides business companies with leadership assessments and training programs. She has served for the Korean Political Science Review as an editor and for President of South Korea as a senior secretary in public relations.

International Studies

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