International Studies
Heather Willoughby님의 사진입니다.
Name Heather Willoughby (Associate Professor)
Alma Mater Ph.D. Columbia University
Research East Asian Culture and Society, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Korean Traditional and Popular Culture and Music
Major Fields of Instructions International Culture, International Studies
Tel 82-2-3277-4457
Heather Willoughby is an ethnomusicologist specializing in the study of traditional Korean music, culture and society. She received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from ColumbiaUniversity. In addition to her major studies, she has comprehensive training in social and cultural anthropology and Korean Studies, with broad interests in East Asian history, society, culture, religion as well as Women’s Studies. She has written numerous articles on Korean traditional and popular music and is currently preparing a book manuscript on emotional expression in Korean traditional music. At Ewha Professor WILLOUGHBY teaches a broad array of courses including Cross-Cultural Communications, Korean History and Culture, Women and Human Rights, Global Business Culture and Etiquette, and Women and Music.

International Studies

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