BK21 Plus is a government research project supervised by National Research Foundation (NRF) to stimulate graduate schools' role as an academic hub in cultivating creativity, talents and in-depth research of graduate students.

 Ewha GSIS was the first and the only GSIS in the nation which received BK21 Plus. Ewha GSIS received this grant from September 2013 to February 2016. Ewha GSIS BK21 Plus utilized this opportunity to provide various supports in academic and research area for GSIS-GDIS students. The main goal of Ewha GSIS BK21 Plus was to foster field specialists who will lead PPP (Public-Private Partnership) through global networking with leadership and expertise. Ewha GSIS is the pioneer in the field, establishing courses and programs to train specialists in International Trade & Investment, International Business, Development Cooperation and International Relations.




BK21Plus Grant allowed graduate students to receive scholarship and to collaborate in research with their designated professors. Scholarship recipient students collaborated in research with their nominating professor, and participated in, and assisted with, BK networking programs.

Global Activities

BK Plus Grant provides funds to support the following activities :

(1) Global Internship

     : Internship Program at International Organizations, NGO, Public/Private Organizations, etc.

(2) Global Training

     : Training Program held by global educational institutions or academics

(3) International Conference

     : Paper presentation at an international conference

(4) Study Abroad

     : Visiting Government Organizations, NGOs, Corporations in Public-Private Partnership interests in order to perform data collection, on-spot survey, field study and other research activities

Ewha GSIS is continuously seeking to secure additional research grants to allow students enhance their academic and extracurricular activities.        

Brain Korea 21 Plus Program

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