The Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University and the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University (GW) offer a dual degree for a Master of International Studies (M.I.S.). George Washington University is located in the heart of Washington D.C. and provides a professional program in international studies.
The dual degree program lasts for total of 5 semesters. Ewha GSIS students spend 3 semesters at Ewha GSIS and 2 semesters at GW and earn one M.I.S. degree from each institution.


The 28-credit Master of International Studies requires students to take a minimum of 19 credit hours in residence at the Elliott School. The program includes:


Core Field (9 credits). The core field provides a foundation for understanding key theories in international studies and their practical application. These courses should be transferred from the partner institution with the approval of the M.I.S. Program Director. If equivalent courses are not offered by the partner institution, students must take the core courses at GW. *


Major Field (12 credits). M.I.S. students select a major field that best complements their previous Master’s coursework to create a viable combination of expertise. The major field consists of four courses related to any one of the topical areas listed below. Students should choose courses from more than one academic discipline to complete their major field.


Global Issues Major Fields: Conflict & Conflict Resolution, International Affairs and Development, International Economic Affairs, International Law & Organizations, Global Health, International Security Studies, Technology Policy & International Affairs, U.S. Foreign Policy


Regional Major Fields: Asia, Europe & Eurasia, Latin America & the Hemisphere, Middle East


Electives (6 credits): Students choose elective courses from over 500 courses offered across The George Washington University. Courses may be selected from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology; business, economics, education, history, public administration, political sciences and many other fields.


Transfer of Credits

Among credits taken at GWU, up to 9 credits can be acknowledged to Ewha GSIS. (By Ewha Graduate School Regulations, up to half of the required credits for graduation will be accepted when the classes are taken at other graduate schools, up to 20 credits in case of the Dept. of International Studies, GSIS).


GSIS retains the right to determine which of the Elliott School courses will receive academic credit at Ewha and fulfill the requirements of the Master of International Studies of Ewha. In principle, 3 GW academic credits are equivalent to 3 Ewha academic credits.


The Elliott School will award the M.I.S. degree only when all degree requirements for both the Elliott School and GSIS are met. 


Applicants to this M.I.S. program must be simultaneously enrolled in Ewha GSIS Masters’ programs or be recent alumni who have completed a Master’s degree at Ewha GSIS Master’s program within the past three years.


While GRE scores are not required for M.I.S applicants, the Elliott School strongly encourages any applicant to submit GRE scores in order to be considered for financial scholarships: A minimum TOEFL score of 600 on the paper-based test (250 CBT or 100 IBT) is required for non-native English speakers. The Elliott School will also accept IELTS scores; we recommend that all band scores be above 6.0, with a preferred overall score of 7.0.


Application deadlines:M.I.S. candidates can begin their studies at the Elliott School in the fall semester (mid-August) or in the spring semester (January). The application deadlines are as follow:


January 15 or October 1: To begin the M.I.S. program in the fall/spring semester(No fellowship consideration will be made for spring semester applications)

Please note that only students who apply to begin the M.I.S. program in the fall will be considered for merit fellowships.


Number of M.I.S. students: Since GSIS students eligible for the M.I.S Program are selected through a competitive admission process conducted by the Elliott School, there is no limit to the number of GSIS students who may apply for the M.I.S. degree.
For details on the application procedure, application materials, fellowships and financial aid, and frequently asked questions, please visit the Elliott School Graduate Admission website.


Academic Calendar: The Elliott School has two main semesters: Fall and Spring. The Fall semester is early September to mid-December. The Spring semester is mid-January to mid-May. Most Elliott School courses meet in the evening, after 4 p.m.


Cost and Fellowships

M.I.S. students pay tuition directly to the Elliott School unless tuition waivers are available, the availability of which shall be determined by the representatives of the GSIS and the Elliott School.


Fellowships: GSIS students may compete as part of the general pool for fellowships from the Elliott School and GW. Fellowship applicants are required to submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination (“GRE”) in addition to the M. I. S. applications materials.


All students in non-degree programs and degree programs will be enrolled in a full-time academic course of study as defined by the Elliott School. For current tuition costs, please refer to the Elliott School's website.


Please be informed that tuition for Ewha GSIS students may remain depend on the student’s academic status.  This description of the program of the Master of International Studies program is partially taken from Master of International Studies, The George Washington University Website.


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