Article No.
Notice on opening ‘The highest advanced course’ for Summer semester

Notice on opening ‘The highest advanced course’

for Summer semester



1. Program Introduction


The highest advanced course is for foreigners who want to have necessary Korean language skills in a professional field and to have an in-depth understanding of Korean society and culture. Through the highest advanced course, students can develop the ability to express logically on social and abstract subjects and communicate fluently in Korean with the Korean language skills needed for work or study.


2. Program Outline

Program Period

· 2020. June 19th(Fri) ~ August 27th(Thu)

Program Day

· Mon~Fri, 10 weeks (20 hours per Week, totalling 200 hours)

Class Hours

· 09:10~13:00 (4 hours per day)


· Students who complete level 6 at ELC(or other institute).

· Students who get TOPIK level 6

Class Size

· Approximately 15 students per one class

  (Closed for less than 6 students)


· Colleage Korean Reading and Writing for foreigners 2

· Self-produced textbooks that utilize actual materials such as newspapers and news, Literary work

Tuition Fee

· Tuition fee 1,720,000 KRW, Application fee 60,000 KRW

3. Curriculum

    ∘ Korean Society Reads in Media and Literature(80 hours)

     - Media Korean: Improve logical thinking and ability to express Korean by using various media.

     - Korean Culture reads in literature: Understand Korean society and culture and improve mutual cultural ability through modern Korean literary works.


Strategic Reading and Practical Writing(80 hours)

     - Strategic Reading: Learn the strategies needed for reading and read texts of various genres and broad topics.

     - Practical Writing: Write practical texts suitable for the purpose of study such as practical assessment, written plan and resume, etc.


Project Class(40 hours)

     - After the Korean language course, they perform practical tasks to help students prepare for their careers (such as going on to school, getting a job, etc.)

     - One on-site experience (training) related to project performance is conducted.


4. Online Registration

Application deadline: ~ 2020 June 4th(Thu)

Application for registration: Online registration

Required documents: Please inquire to ELC (A certificate of completion of level 6 OR a certificate of grade 6 in TOPIK is required.)

Registraion inquiry: Please inquire to

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