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COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Foreign Students

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will vaccinate foreign students aged between 18 and 49 who are staying in Korea. If you wish to get vaccinated, please refer to the following information and make a reservation within the reservation period.


Target: Foreigners aged 18-49 staying in Korea (Date of birth: January 1st, 1972 to December 31st, 2003)

Pre-booking period: August 9th, 2021 (Mon) 20:00 ~ August 19th, 2021 (Thu) 18:00

Period of reservation


Period of reservation


August 9th, 20:00

~ August 10th, 18:00


August 14th, 20:00

~ August 15th, 18:00


August 10th, 20:00

~ August 11th, 18:00


August 15th, 20:00

~ August 16th, 18:00


August 11th, 20:00

~ August 12th, 18:00


August 16th, 20:00

~ August 17th, 18:00


August 12th, 20:00

~ August 13th, 18:00


August 17th, 20:00

~ August 18th, 18:00


August 13th, 20:00

~ August 14th, 18:00


August 18th, 20:00

~ August 19th, 18:00


* Based on the last digit of the date of birth of the foreign registration number

For example, a student born on April 5th, 1995 has the last digit of '5'.

You can make a reservation ‘from August 15th, 20:00 to August 16th, 18:00’.


Period of vaccination: August 26th, 2021 (Thu) ~ September 30, 2021 (Thu)

Location of vaccination: Vaccination center or entrusted medical institution

Vaccine type: mRNA vaccine (pfizer or modena)

How to make a reservation

1) Foreigner registration number holder: Online or telephone reservation

Access to the Corona 19 Vaccination Reservation System


Reservation for vaccination Reservation for yourself (or agent) Enter personal information (enter foreign registration number in the resident registration number column) Authenticate yourself Select the date and time of reservation Reservation


Call center of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(1339) or call center by region for vaccination reservation(see Attachment 3)

If you are not registered with the National Health Insurance, you could only vaccinate at the Vaccination center.


2) Foreigner registration number non-holder: Online or telephone reservation after pre-procedure

Pre-procedures: Personal information registration is required after visiting a Residential Health Center and receiving a temporary management number.

Visit Residential Health Center


Issue Management number


Reserve for Vaccination

(August 9th ~)


Receive text for guidance



(August 26th ~)

Require to have a passport


Enter Passport number and address


Possible for Online or telephone



vaccination guidelines


Conduct vaccination


Depending on the supply of vaccines, the vaccine type and vaccination schedule may change.

Short-term residents of less than 90 days, visitors for travel purposes, etc. cannot be vaccinated.


and consultation

Centers for Disease Control 1339

Call centers by region reserved for vaccination (see Attachment 3)

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