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Title : From George Washington University
I am writing to request your assistance in publicizing three fellowships
enabling Asian mid-career professionals to pursue the Master of International
Policy and Practice (M.I.P.P.) degree program at The George Washington
University`s Elliott School of International Affairs. These fellowships,
pending continued funding, are made possible by a generous grant from the
Freeman Foundation.

Candidates from developing Asian nations are eligible for three fellowships
that each cover all tuition, fees and living expenses equivalent to approximately
$40,000. The fellowships, which are awarded for the 2005-2006 academic
year, are ideal for candidates taking a one-year sabbatical from their
organizations, though they are not limited to that purpose. Past Freeman
Fellows have included diplomats, government policy makers, journalists,
and NGO managers.

The M.I.P.P. program allows students to concentrate on a wide range of
subjects including international business, economics, politics, development,
security policy, or science and technology policy. M.I.P.P. candidates
may also choose to study the dynamics of a particular region, such as Asia
or Latin America, or the international aspects of U.S. policy.

The complete Freeman Fellows Program for Asian Mid-Career Professionals
announcement is attached and is also available by going to
Applications for the Freeman Fellows program are due by January 15, 2005.
Applications received by January 15, 2005 will also be considered for
other fellowships at GW. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Teryn T. Rozales
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
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