Article No.
Notice on the Online class for 2020 Summer 2nd (August) Short-term program

Due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the short-term course will be open online in August, so please show it a lot of interest.


1. Target students

Male and female foreigners or overseas Koreans enrolled in OR graduated from high school


2. School schedule

- Period: August 5th,2020(Wed.)~August25th,,2020(Tue.)

- Registration Deadline: July 17th,2020(Fri.)

- Online Placement test: July 24th,2020(Fri.)


3. Overview

- Total class hours: 60 hours

- Lecture time: 14:00~17:50

- Opening level: Level 1~4


*If there are less than 6 students per class, the class may be canceled.

*Culture classes are replaced by Korean classes.


4. Tuition fee

- Admission fee: 60,000 won.

- Tuition fee: 840,000 won.

5. Registration inquiry

- Chinese: 02-3277-3182,

- English: 02-3277-3685 or 6527,

- Japanese: 02-3277-3183 or 3184,


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