Article No.
Title : Seeking for a Usability Test Participant

Usability Testing for car navigation system (English version)

 When : Jan. 5~11
 Where : Wonhyoro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
 Usability Testing and In-depth Interview : 120~150 minutes
 Compensation : 150,000 KRW

If you are interested, please send us your information based on the below questions.


Questionnaire (Find attachment for application)

1. Full name :
2. Gender :
3. Age :
4. Phone number :
5. Your nationality and native language :
6. How fluent are you in English?
7. How fluent are you in Korean?
8. How long have you been in Korea?
9. Occupation (In your country) :
10. Occupation (In Korea) :
11. Driving experience (During your whole life) : ( )years
12. Driving experience (In Korea) : ( )years
13. Are you owning a car in Korea?
14. How long have you been using a car navigation (not other navigation)?
15. Have you ever used a car navigation in Korea? If yes, how long?
15-1. If yes, how frequently are you using a car navigation system in the past 1 month?
→ ( Never, 1~3 times a month, once a week, 2~3 times a week, More than 2~3 times a week)
16. Do you have knowledge about Korea address system? (Yes / No)
16-1. If yes at 16, Do you know there are two different types of address system in Korea? (Yes / No)
16-2. If yes at 16-1, how much do you know about Korean address system?
(1). I know there are 2 different address types but I cannot distinguish one address system from the other.
(2). When I see Korean address, I can sometimes recognize if it is the new type of address system of not.
(3) When I see Korean address, I can always recognize if it is the new type of address system or not.
17. When are you available between Jan 8~16 for usability testing?

Again, if you are interested about usability testing, please respond to us ASAP

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