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Title : Student Committee Without Border, Summit Conference


International Center for Youth is a non-profit organization that supports Korean international students and also international students who are studying in Korea.

First and foremost, International Center for Youth (formerly called International Student Center), founded in 2010 in the United States, has been responsible for the central network for international students to work for international students right protection and to promote international exchange. The center has worked for damage assistance for students, free legal counseling and public advocacy and campaigning. Furthermore, the center organized the community service to Mexico and Arizona, World University Students Summer Camp, and other various activities to promote exchanges between domestic and foreign students around the world. For more information, please visit our site

In addition, since the center was established in Korea this year, we are preparing to launch “Legal Aid Team” to provide legal counseling and damage aids for foreign students in Korea. We recently conducted “Actual Condition Survey for International Students” and through this survey we found out the needs of the expansion of network of international students, the language exchange program to improve their language skills and various activities to promote Korean tradition, history and culture.

In order to systematically resolve the needs of students that we found out through the survey, we decided to hold “Student Committee without Borders, Summit Conference” on November 18th.


“Student Committee without Borders, Summit Conference”

November 18th (Tuesday) at 17: 30 ~ 19: 00 p.m.

Location: Seoul NPO Support Center


Main Discussion

1) A plan for expanding the network for international students from different countries

2) Support and a general plan for International Students that International Center for Youth can offer

We would like to invite foreign students to “Student Committee without Borders, Summit Conference”. After the event, we are also offering a light dinner for students. We believe that students can also have a beneficial time.


Inquiry: 070-4032-4446 (English- Kang MinJung, Chinese- Jangboong)



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