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Title : Global Students Mentoring Forum - Invitation to 2014 meeting

새학기를 맞이하여 각 대학에서는 신입생을 위한 여러 행사들로 인하여

긴장감과 기대감으로 생동감이 넘치고있습니다.


에쓰-오일과학문화재단(이사장 오명) 후원,

()한국기술경영연구원이 수행하는EncoreKorea Initiative’ 사업의 일환으로

대학, 기업인 과학자들과 연계하여 연구할수 있도록 유학생들에게 멘토링을 제공하는 프로그램입니다.

그동안 1 6개월에 걸쳐 9회차 까지의 모임과 에버랜드연구원의 하계캠프, 휘닉스파크의 겨울스키캠프등을 개최하며

매회 14대학의 유학생들이 참여하는 모임으로 성장하였습니다.

2014년 첫번째 모임 [10 GSMF 글로벌유학생멘토링포럼]

직접적으로 후원해주시고 있는 S-Oil (과학문화재단) 강당에서 개최될 예정입니다.

특히 이번 모임은 신입생들을 위한 환영회겸 있을 예정이니신입 유학생들을 함께 참석해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

I wish you are enjoying your new semester with vibrant air of the campus.

[Global Students Mentoring Forum] is the mentoring program for global students helping them to study and research with university, enterpriser and scientists, supported by S-oil Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation, as part of 'EncoreKorea Initiative' project which is conducted by Alumni Association of Science and TEchnology Ministry.

Up to now, for one and a half year, we have held nine meetings, Summer Camp at Everland and Winter SkiCamp at Phoenix Park, and now we became a forum which international students from 14 different university participate in every time.

The first meeting in 2014, [The 10th Global Students Mentoring Forum] is going to be held at the auditorium of S-Oil (Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation), which supports our program.

Especially, this meeting is going to be welcoming party for freshman students as well.

Please come with newcomer.

For preparation of dinner at meeting, please fill out the application form below and apply.

(100 people first reply basis)

===== Schedule for meeting =====

1. Date and time: Apr. 4 (Fri), 5:30 PM (scheduled to have dinner)

2. Location: auditorium at 3rd floor, S-oil, 471, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu

(subway Gongdeok station exit #7, #8)


3. Intended students: Degree-Seeking International students (undergraduate/graduate students)

4. How to apply: Fill out the form below and reply to us










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