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Seoul International Book Fair Supporters Recruitment

Looking for SIBF 2015 Supporters "Chaek Ae Seo"
Apply for the SIBF 2015 Supporters!

• No age limits
• Korean and Foreign Students (exchange students, undergraduate/graduate students)
• Mandatory attendance for one offline promotion event
• Fluency in korean, english or other foreign languages preferred

• Future planners or coordinators of exhibitions, conventions, festivals and cultural programs
• Future professionals in international and cultural exchanges
• Experience seeker in the field of promotion/marketing/publishing industry and etc
• Book, culture and art lover
• Those interested in the photography, videography, media, illustration and design

[Duties and Responsibilities]
• Duration : 2015. 04. 27 - 06. 21 (8 w eeks)
• Group Activity by 5 teams with 6 members each(2~3 foreigners included)
Online : PR of the SIBF 2015 through blogs, SNS and etc
Offline : 1 Offline guerrilla promotion(team activity)

• Free admission to the SIBF 2015(2015. 6. 17-6. 21 in the Hall A, Coex)
• Priority to work as a SIBF 2015 field s taff (if desired)
• SIBF 2015 Supporters Certificate(accredited by the Korean Publishers Association)
• Souvenir of SIBF 2015
SIBF Marketing Prize (Best Guerilla Marketing Team) Book coupon(\480,000)
SIBF Academy Prize (Best UCC Making Team) Book coupon(\300,000)
SIBF Promotion Prize (Best Blog & SNS Posting Team) Book coupon(\180,000)
SIBF Ideas Prize (Participation Prize for 2 Teams) Book coupon(\120,000*2)

[To apply]
Fill out the attached file and send it to by e-mail
Application Deadline : 2015. 04. 15(12:00p.m.)

Announcement Date : 2015. 04. 16
Publication reads 70 years of independence of Korea and writes next 100 years

Seoul International Book Fair 2015?
Seoul International Book Fair 2015 celebrating its 21st anniversary plans to organize a 'book
culture festival for all' under the theme “Book & Art: All about books” to show all kinds of
possibilities of books like book art, book design and etc.
To enroot book reading culture within korean society and to strengthen international exchanges in
the publishing industry, we are seeking for korean/foreign supporters to promote SIBF 2015.
Don't miss this great opportunity to be part of the "Chaek Ae Seo 2015" and show your brilliant
ideas and talent making this annual event more colorful and fun!
What does "Chaek Ae Seo(책愛서)“ stand for?
All kinds of book lovers who could communicate with the world via books
※ Chaek is for 'Book' in korean and 愛(Ae) for 'Love' in ancient chinese. When these three
syllables are combined, they make a homonyme of '책에서‘ which means 'originated from books'.

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