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Corporate Consultancy

The requirements are as follows.

-Minimum 2 years experience in business, preferably in a training or HR role.
-Undergraduate Degree in Management or Business Administration preferred.
-Native speaker and writer of English.
-Some fluency in Korean is desirable, but not required.
-Proficient in use of Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as the ability to learn Korean-based software systems.
-Minimum 2 references from most recent employers.
-Ability to act with autonomy while also being a team member.
-Clearance of initial probation period of 3 months for first-time contractors.
-Ability to commit to a company-sponsored role for minimum 6 months.
-Clean criminal record, no major illnesses, and ability to travel internationally.
-Submission of cover letter, resume, and photo for application purposes. 

Desirable character traits for applicants include the following.
-Business-oriented mindset and professional demeanor
-Honesty and trustworthiness
-Reliability and punctuality
-Clear and courteous communication skills
-Ability to listen to others until full understanding is reached
-Team player with ability to follow directions, adjusting for situation
-Discipline and patience 

The hiring process is as follows.

1. Resume screening
2. Interview & mock training session demonstration
3. (Optional) Interview by client if required
4. Notification

Please send your resume, cover letter and photo (Since the recruitment process requires long-distance communication, photo will help us to facilitate the process) to 

The job details are as follows.

The position offered is Business Consultant and Coach for a major Korean conglomerate. The position is an outsourced position from IBCA (International Biz Consulting Associates) in Seoul, Republic of Korea. IBCA is a consulting firm headquartered in Seoul, which hires consultants to help improve the quality of global business practices in Korean firms which operate internationally. It is involved comprehensive business communications consulting, encompassing 1) needs and requirements analysis, 2) design of consultations services and training programs and curricula, 3) conduct of consulting and programs to achieve communications objectives, and 4) production of related texts and assessment and training materials. The position is with IBCA, although the site of work will be mostly at the client, with periodic requirements to work at IBCA offices for administrative and management purposes. The employment is for 12 months on a contractual basis with possible renewals for 12 months at a time.

The positions are sponsored, with all visa requirements undertaken by IBCA for the term of the contract. The relevant visa status will be E7, unless the applicant already holds other working visa categorizations. The positions offered are with an affiliate of one of Korea’s largest business groups, which may expand career opportunities for successful applicants both in Korea and globally in the corporate/business sector.

-Mostly one-on-one corporate competence coaching with a pre-written program. The program is designed to prepare employees to interact better with foreign nationals in actual and potential business situations. Main areas covered include cross-cultural competence, global business protocol, global issues and trends, and business behavior.

-Applicants will be required to be involved in the comprehensive consulting responsibilities above, including but not limited to 1) needs analysis, 2) design services, programs, and curricula, 3) conduct of consulting and programs, and 4) related texts and assessment and training materials.

-25 direct contact hours a week for coaching, for approximately 25 staff members.

-Work hours are for 8 hours, somewhat flexible, Monday to Friday, with a 1-hour lunch break. Hours outside the 25 contact hours are to be used for further program development and extra consultation time.

-12 months in Seoul, Korea, with legal holidays off and vacation days off allocated by client company.

-Remuneration is 3.5 Million KRW per month (but negotiable if applicants have their own visa). Please note that currency rates fluctuate and the amount in foreign currency will vary dependant on time of exchange and currency. The payment will be made in Korea Won into an allocated Korean Bank account at a designated date each month. Standard Korean Income Tax rate of 3.3% applies. Health Insurance is NOT provided as part of the remuneration.

-Successful applicants may be provided additional work opportunities with extra pay, including but not limited to corporate training for other IBCA clients, providing other types of consulting services, and working on business communication projects.

-Native written and spoken English, with clear capability to communicate in a formal, business style mandatory.

-Travel between cities and any incidental expenses relating to position-related work are to be paid for by IBCA.

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