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Title : LG Global Challenger - Information Session in EWHA (March 24th)

[LG Global Challenger 2015 Info Session in Ewha]


'Sick of studying about Korea in classrooms?'

'Got time to travel around Korea but not enough money?'

If you have any idea which everything you’ve wanted to learn, experience, or study in Korea OR If you have an innovating idea for development of Korea,

You will get an opportunity to take a trip to Korea WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT!


LG group is giving full financial support. (ex. All the expenses including transportation, accommodation and activities)

The opportunity for the internship at LG group subsidiaries will be offered to the members who get the prize of Global section.

The team who win this prize will be awarded LG electronic products such as laptop and 3,000,000KRW.


We are going to meet you guys in person.

If you are interested in LG Global Challenger or have some questions about LG Global Challenger, take part in our briefing session which will be held in Ewha university.

The briefing session were provided with simultaneous translation in English and Korean. Check out our schedules and Join us! It’s open to everyone.


[Info Session in Ewha]


* Date : 2015.03.24 (WED) 17:00

* Place : 학생문화관 소극장

* Contents :

- What is LG Global Challenger?

- Benefits and yearly plan

- Method of application

- Q&A

Global Challenger

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