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Title : Cooking Class for International Students

Cooking Class for International Students

Yukgaejang (Hot spicy meat soup) is a spicy, soup-like Korean dish made from shredded beef with scallions and other ingredients, which are simmered together for a long time. It is a variety of gomguk, or thick soup, which was formerly served in Korean royal court cuisine. In addition to shredded beef, scallions, and water, the dish generally also includes bean sprouts, gosari (bracken fern), torandae (taro stems), sliced onion, dangmyeon (sweet potato noodles), chili powder, garlic, perilla seeds (also called wild sesame seeds), soy sauce, oil (sesame oil and/or vegetable oil), black pepper, and salt. Chili oil may also be used [1]. Yukgaejang is generally served with a bowl of rice and kimchi. The dish may alternatively be made with chicken rather than beef, in which case it is called dak yukgaejang or Dakgyejang.


Paraesaewoo jeon (Sea lettuce shrimp pancake) is a type of jeon (also spelled jun or chon), which refers to many pancake-like dishes such as buchimgae, jijimgae, or jijim. It has been also called jeonyueo or jeonyuhwa, especially in Korean royal court cuisine. Jeon is commonly eaten as an appetizer, asbanchan (small side dishes), as anju (food to eat while drinking), or sometimes as a sweet dessert. Bindaetteok (mung bean pancake), pajeon (green onion pancake), and kimchijeon are popular jeon. The jeon name commonly follows its main ingredient. Sea lettuce called as parae in Korean is high in protein, soluble dietary fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially iron.

• Date & Time: January16th (Friday), 2015, 10:30~12:30

• Fees: 10,000 won

• Meeting time: 10:10 am

• Meeting place: Ewha Womans University Station, Subway Line 2, exit no. 2

• Seats: 20 people

To sign up for the class, please email with your name, nationality, and mobile phone number or call us at 02-3453-9038~9.

If you need to cancel your participation you have signed up for, please notify us at least two days in advance. Please note, you cannot cancel your registration on the day of the class.

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