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Title : Seoul Global Center - Flea Market (Apr 19)

The 1st Foreigners’ Flea Market for 2015


The 1st Foreigners’ Flea Market for 2015 will be held on April 19 at Gwanghwamun Plaza.

If you have any product of no use to you but be of great use to others, please bring them to the market.



n  Flea Market Outline:

-      When: April 19 (Sunday), 2015, 11:00-16:00

-      Where: Gwanghwamun Plaza

       (Get off at the Gwanghwanmun Station, subway line no. 5, and get out from the exit no. 7)

-      Who can join: All international residents in Seoul

-      What can you sell: Any used items, or homemade international food

-      Stall Fee : Free of charge

-      Stall Size : Width 1.5m, Depth 3m ( 2 team will share a 3m x 3m Booth)

-      How to register: Complete the application form and send it to

Application form (one for food seller) is available to download on top of this page.

-         Inquiry:  Donghoon, 02-2075-4117 (Division of Multiculturalism, Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Our staff will let you know whether your application is accepted within one or two days upon receiving the application.



n  Items not allowed for sale:

- New items, more than 40 items of the same type, living organisms, illegal reproductions of other goods, broken items, medication, all kinds of liquors, dangerous items (knives, flammable items, fluid fuels, firearms), fake luxurious products, and adult-only products.

- Items bought at the flea market.


-       Participants will be asked to leave the facilities upon violating any of the rules.

-       No electric power will be provided.

-       Vendors should bring small change and varying denominations of paper notes to make change for buyers.

-       There will be no parking space available at the venue since the scheduled date is designated as a ‘car-free’ day. Please use the public transportation.

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