Article No.
Title : [Notice] Requirement for Tuberculosis Test Certificate Submission

1. Legal Basis

Article 11, 46 (1) and 89 (1) of the Immigration Control Act, Article 9-2 of the Enforcement Rule of the Act, etc.


2. Who Submits the Certificate                                          

1) (Visa application to a diplomatic mission) When the nationals of the high TB-burden countries live in one of the countries and apply for a long-term visa (stay period of 91 days or longer) at a diplomatic mission including D-2 visa

2) Change of status of stay, extension of stay period, alien registration


[Note] Exceptions (the following persons are exempt from submission)

- Diplomat (A-1), Foreign Government Official (A-2), and International Agreement (A-3) status holders.

- Short-term status holders who apply for extension of stay period


(High TB-burden countries)

Nepal ② East Timor Russia Malaysia Mongol Myanmar Bangladesh Vietnam Sri Lanka Uzbekistan India Indonesia China Cambodia Kyrgyzstan Thailand Pakistan Philippines

3. What to Submit

1) (Visa application to a diplomatic mission) A “Certificate of Health” including TB test result (Attachment 1, valid for one year) issued by a hospital designated by Korean diplomatic missions

2) (Change of status of stay, alien registration, extension of stay period) A certificate of confirmation issued by a Korean public health center (Attachment 2)

4. When to Submit

1) (Visa application) When applying for a visa at a diplomatic mission

2) (Change of status of stay) When applying for change of status

3) (Extension of stay period) When applying for extension of stay period

5. Effective Date: March 2, 2016

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