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Title : [ALL] 2015-2015 EWHA-HCAP Seoul Conference Public Lectures


We would like to welcome you to our public lectures presented by 2015-2016 EWHA-HCAP.


HCAP(Harvard College in Asia Program) is a student-run program at Harvard College with its mission to build bridges between the U.S. and Asia by co-hosting annual conferences around the world. Ewha Womans University is proud to be selected as the only HCAP partner school of Korea for nine consecutive years since 2007.


This year, Seoul conference will address issues about the North Korean refugees. Considering the fact that Korea is the only divided country, we will be discussing our treatment of North Korean refugees, labor market and women of North Korea, and current policies for the sake of North Korean refugees.


All public lectures will be provided in English. After the lecture, Q&A and discuss sessions will be available. We ask for your keen interest and participation.


For more information, please refer to the details below.



1. When to Register: 2016.03.08. (Tue) - 2016.03.13. (Sun)


2. Who can Register: Open to anyone interested


3. How to Register: Fill out the Google Docs form to RSVP


4. Offered Lectures

1) Stories on People from North Korea

- Guest Speaker: Prof. Seok Hyang, Kim (Department of Global Korean Studies, Ewha Womans University)

- Date&time: 03.14. (Mon) 2-4pm

- Venue: Ewha Womans University Student Union Building Auditorium


2) Formal-Informal Labour Market and Women in North Korea

- Guest Speaker: Prof. Seung Yoon, Lee (Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University)

- Date&time: 03.16. (Wed) 9-11am

- Venue: Ewha Womans University Student Union Building Auditorium


3) Brains of N.K. Refugees learned from Genetic Neuroimaging

- Guest Speaker: Prof. Ji Eun, Kim (Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Ewha Womans University)

- Date&time: 03.19. (Fri) 10am-12pm

- Venue: Ewha Womans University Student Union Building Auditorium


5. Inquiries: HCAP Seoul Conference Student Team (

                   / Office of International Affairs (

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