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Title : 16th Global Students Mentoring Forum (GSMF) - Dinner & Gathering on June 5th

The 16th Global Students Mentoring Forum


Global Students Mentoring Forum (GSMF) is the mentoring program for global students helping them to study and research with university, enterpriser and scientists, supported by S-oil Science Prodigy and Culture Foundation, as part of 'Encore Korea Initiative' project which is conducted by Alumni Association of Science and Technology Ministry.


The [16th GSMF Global Mentoring Students Forum is going to be held at the Creative Economic Innovation center which is operated and managed by KT and is a hub of global expansion of Creative Economy, supporting a one-stop financial aid from planning based on IT-SW infrastructure and fostering a global HIT Game Venture.


In addition, at this meeting, there will be a brief explanation of the summer camp, so please come and join to get informed about the exciting summer camp of GSMF.


1) For preparation of dinner at meeting, please fill out the application form below and apply.

2) Please refer the following schedule, let us know if you will attend and want the team.


=====   Schedule for meeting =====

1. Date and time:  June. 5 (Fri), 5:30 PM (scheduled to have dinner)

2. Location:   auditorium at 1st floor

                Pangyotechnovalley, 629 Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

                [Gyeong-gi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation]



3. Intended students: International students (undergraduate/graduate students)

4. How to apply:  Fill out the form below and email to

Full Name






Please select a team (check(v)) : Students who already applied need not be checked

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5. Contact: Sujin Kwon

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