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Title : The 4th Seoul Foreign Student Volunteers Recruitment Notice (By 1/29)

The 4th Seoul Foreign Student Volunteers Recruitment Notice


Seoul Foreign Student Volunteers Overview

Number of Recruits : 60 people


- Foreign students enrolled in universities located in Seoul

Graduate students are also eligible to apply

A student scheduled to graduate in August 2016 is not eligible to apply

- Visa must be valid until December 31st 2016.

Period : 2016.3.1.(Tue) ~ 2016.12.31.(Sat)

Main Activities

- Teach foreign languages, cultures, etc. to island area children(online).

- Participate in volunteer work events with other volunteers 1~2 times within the given period

- Provide assistance at Gwanghwamun Plaza Flea Market by translating, cleaning, etc more than twice within the given period

Special Benefits

- KT(Korea Telecom) scholarship (2.5 million won maximum per individual, dependent upon

the fulfillment of all the events)

Conditions : Teach foreign languages, cultures, etc. to island area children through the internet twice a week for 10 months

- Seoul City Tour once within the given period

Major Events : Orientation 2.19), Mentor-Mentee Assignment Ceremony(late February or early March), Mentoring Exchange Camp(May~August), Closing Ceremony(12.23)

Volunteers are required to attend all the events above. The schedule may be subject to change


Application and Selection Guide

Document Screening

- Application period : 2016.1.20.(Wed) ~ 2016.1.29(Fri)

- Required Documents

Application_1(required), Application_2(required), Certificate of Enrollment(required), TOPIK score(optional)

- How to Submit : email submission of electronic files(accepted file types : applications - hwp, xls / certificates - jpg, pdf)

- Submit to :

- Screening Criteria : positive attitude toward volunteering, TOPIK score, etc

- Announcement of First Round Results : 2016.2.5(Fri) by email and mobile message


- Date & Time : 14:00~18:00, 2.16(Tue), 2016

Announcement of Final Results : 2016.2.18(Thu) by email and mobile message

Selections may not be made in the case that there are no qualified applicants

For further information, call the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Multiculturalism Division


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