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[Dorm] 2021 Winter Intensive Program Dormitory Application Announcement

1. 2021 Winter Intensive Semester Dormitory Schedule:

-Residence Period: December 2nd (Thurs), 2021 ~ 2022 February 23th (Wed), 2021

-Check-In Date: From 10:00 a.m December 2nd (Thurs), 2021

-Check-Out Date: By 10:00 a.m. February 23th (Wed), 2021

* Check-In/out outside of this period is not possible.

* Check-in is only possible on weekdays: 10:00 a.m. ~7:00 p.m.

* If it is inevitable to check-in on weekdays due to self-isolation schedules and overseas entry schedules, please notify us in advance. (Weekend check-in : 2:00 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.)

* Due to COVID-19, self-quarantine is required outside of campus before students’ check-in. In-Dormitory quarantine is prohibited.


2. Application QualificationStudents enrolled in 2021 Winter Intensive Program

(For newcomers' case, those who have completed document screening process)


3. Application period

October 18th, 2021 (Mon) 0:00 a.m. ~ November 6th, 2021 (Sat) 0:00 a.m. (Korean Standard Time)

(Please keep time strictly/ First-come-first-serve system / May close earlier than the deadline due to excessive number of applicants)

*Application opening time starts from midnight between 17th (Sun) and 18th (Mon)


4. Winter Intensive Semester I-House (International Dormitory) Room Type and Fee:

I-House C

Single Room

(En-suite bathroom)

2,459,600 KRW

I-House C

Double Room

(En-suite bathroom)

1,451,500 KRW

I-House E

Single Room

(Shared bathroom,

female only, Annex)

1,473,600 KRW


Please check ELC website menu Life@ELCDormitory, or visit Ewha Universitys official dormitory website(  for more information on room interiors and dormitory facilities. 


*** In the case of a double room in Building C, it has not been decided whether to assign 1 or 2 people.

Currently, one person is assigned to a double room for the Fall semester, but please note that two people may be assigned for the Winter semester depending on the Corona-related policy.

(If it is decided that only one person will be assigned, the dormitory fee must be paid as a single room fee)

We ask for your understanding as it will be announced in November in consideration of the situation at the national level.


5. How to Apply:

Log in with the ID used for intensive course application on the ELC course application site (  dormitory dormitory application Korean intensive course Winter semester dormitory application Submit Application Save 

*If a pop up saying 'You have no course registration record' shows, please try again after submitting online application form for Winter semester.

*If you are unable to apply for the dormitory even after submitting online application form for the intensive Summer semester, please try again after refreshing the page.


6. Announcement of Application Results & Dormitory Fee Payment Information

Will be announced November 10th 2021 (will be announced through email individually)


7. Payment period of the dormitory:

November 10th, 2021 ~ November 16th, 2021

*Please make payment after checking the application result announcement delivered through email.

*Please keep the deadline, if the payment is not made within the payment deadline, the opportunity will be given to wait-listed applicants.

*Send the payment receipt to by the payment deadline.

*** Sender/Depositor Name should be the students own name.


8. Required Document Submission:

(1) Chest X-ray Tuberculosis Report:

-Submission Deadline: Same as payment deadline (November 10th ~ November 16th)

-Condition:the examination has to be taken after November 5th, 2021; the result must be written in either Korean or English; need to prove that the student does not have tuberculosis; Current Fall dormitory residents who submitted X-ray result that was taken before June 2nd should submit again.


(2) COVID-19 Test Result

-Submission Deadline: send email ( before individual check-in day OR submit at the I-House office while going through check-in procedure

-Condition: Taken within 2 working days before the individual check-in day.

(e.g. if checking in on December 2nd, the COVID-19 result has to be taken after December 1)

-All 2021 Winter New Comers have to submit the results.


9. Fall - Winter Vacation Residence:

-Residence Period: November 26th (Fri), 2021 ~ December 2nd (Thurs), 2021

-Residence Qualification: Current fall semester dormitory residents who have applied for winter semester dormitory as well.

*The payment will be included in the winter semester dormitory fee invoice.


 Fall - Winter Vacation Residence Fee

I-House C

Single Room

(En-suite bathroom)

177,800 KRW

I-House E

Single Room

(Shared bathroom, female only, Annex)

106,500 KRW


10. Winter Semester Dormitory Refund Regulation (Special Guideline under COVID-19 situation)

-To notify cancellation, please send email to



Refund Amount

Cancel notification 1 week before Official Check-In Date

~Until 2021/11/25

100% Refund

Cancel notification after Official Check-In Date

From 2021/12/02 ~

Unable to Refund

Refund of Dormitory Vacation Expenses

From 2021/11/26 ~

Unable to Refund



11. Note

1. If you have not applied to ELC Intensive course, the dormitory will be cancelled automatically.

2. The room will be assigned in the order of application submission.

3. Application will be cancelled if dormitory fee is not paid by the deadline.

4. Dormitory check-in is not allowed if there is a problem in chest X-ray diagnosis/COVID-19 test result.


Inquiry: / 02-3277-6958

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