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Title : 2016 Yeosu International Youth Festival

Participant Invitation for International Exchange Camp


Welcome to 2016 Yeosu International Youth Festival International Exchange Camp Cultural art operation and travel project that is domestic/foreign national youths who making an exchange with Yeosu citizens while traveling a beautiful night sea and the number of 365 rainbow-islands.


Participation field and qualification

1. Youth Project Group

What is Youth Project Group?

Youths prepared festival by theirselves and get ready to welcome youths who participate in the festival

Participation target : Domestic/Foreign youth(The whole country)

Qualification for application : Full 16 ~ 24years old

(Birth in 1993 ~ 2000)

The number of invitation : 35

Foreign language(English, Japanese, Chinese etc.) speakers will be

first of all selection


2. International Exchange Camp Participant

Participation target : Domestic youth (The whole country)

/ Foreign youth live in korea


The number of invitation : 168


Period of reception and Route

Period of reception : Domestic - July 12th(Tue.) ~ July 22th(Fri.)

Oversea - July 12th(Tue.) ~ Aug 5th(Fri.)

How to apply : Enter to homepage

Visit to homepage Message board(Reference room) Typing International Exchange Camp Application Form Transmit an e-mail(

Major schedule

Foreign participant - July 12(Tue.) ~ Aug 5(Fri) Period of reception

Domestic participant - July 12(Tue.) ~ 22(Fri.) Period of reception

July 23(Fri.) ~ July 24(Sun.) Interview

July 25(Mon.) Confirmation the participants and Announcement

Announcement and individual contact on 'Notice' board

All participants will get the advance phone invterviews in order in which they were received.

(Please let we know contact number which you can get the phone!

We will keep calling untill you get the phone. so, don't worry)


Youth project group work-shop : From 23(Fri.) to 24(Sun.) of July /

The whole area in part of Yeosu city

What is Youth project group?

Work-shop which is youths understand the whole program of the camp/festival beforehand and progress exploration for traveling islands and then prepare camp and festival by theirselves(It's only available to attend by youth project group.)

Prior festival(International Exchange Camp) : Fom 12(Thu.) to 13() of August/ Yeosu city and island

Major festival : From 14(Sat.) to 15(Sun.) of August / Woongcheon Beach Park in the city of Yeosu and The part area of Yeosu city


Support matters

Free for Entry fee, room and board

(But, You have to come and back to Yeosu by yourself.)


Information center

2016Yeosu International Youth Festival manage secretariat

Tel : 061-659-5266, 5267

Email :

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