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Title : The Korea Tourism Organization is recruiting 'Wow Korea Supporters'

The Korea Tourism Organization is recruiting students from Middle East and South-East Asia currently in Korea to participate in a program called ‘Wow Korea Supporters’ –  to help promote Korea tourism through SNS after traveling and experiencing Korea. Any enthusiast up for traveling throughout Korea and meeting foreign friends from Asian countries, please refer below for details and don’t hesitate to apply for the program.


◆ Name of Program: “Wow Korea Supporters” – Asian Korea Tourism SNS supporters group.

◆ Recruiting subjects:  International students from Asia countries including Turkey residing in Korea.

※ Except Chinese, Japanese

※ KTO will plan to recruit students from China and Japan separately.

◆ Eligibility: A fluent speaker in English or Korean or both

◆ Number of members: From 30 to 40

◆ Recruitment criteria: Application form, English or Korean ability, SNS usage evaluation

English Application

◆ Application period: July 27 (Wed) - August 15 (Mon), 2016

◆ 1st announcement for Interview:  August 16 (Tue), 2016

◆ Date of Interview: August 23 (Tue), 2016

◆ Final announcement: August 24 (Wed), 2016 ※ Personal Contact

Launch ceremony & 1st Field Trip: August 26 (Fri) 28 (Sun)

(※ If you don’t attend the opening ceremony, you may be disqualified)

◆ Period of Activity: August - December of 2016

◆ Activities

  - To participate in Field Trips around Korea (around 5 times) and accomplish missions assigned by the KTO

  - To create media relevant contents after trips and mission and post on personal SNS pages

  - To upload SNS contents regarding Korea Tourism for promotion

 ※ All expenses for the field trips will be covered by KTO provided that selected members follow the given guidelines for creating SNS contents (more details will be provided later)

◆ Benefits

  - A certificate of participation will be presented at the end of Wow Korea Supporters program

  - A uniform and honorary business card of Wow Korea Supporters program

  - Opportunities to participate in field trips, cultural events and watch Korean performances hosted by the KTO

  - Awards will be bestowed to best performers and team according to performance.

◆ Inquiries

 - Korea Tourism Organization Wow Korea Supporters Manager : Johnny Kim

 - Facebook :

 - E-mail:


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