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Implementation guide for Rapid Antigen Detection Test(RADT) (2022.2.3~)

Due to the widespread of Omicron, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) announced that PCR tests will be done to priority targets and in case of non-priority circumstances, rapid antigen test(RADT) will be conducted at screening clinics and temporary screening centers.

Priority targets can conduct PCR tests, and if they are not priority targets, rapid antigen tests(RADT) must be conducted at the health center screening clinic or temporary screening center by using self-diagnostic kits.


A. Priority targets: PCR test

Screening clinics and temporary screening centers will conduct PCR tests after confirmation with priority evidences.



Age 60 or older

Age 60 and older

Suspicious symptoms

COVID-19 test needed according to medical institutions

Preemptive inspection of vulnerable facilities

Workers at high-risk facilities, soldiers from vacation and patients before hospitalization etc

Epidemiological connection

Close contact, tester before quarantine releasement(Manual monitoring included), International immigrants

RADT/ emergency screening test positive

RADT positive, emergency screening test positive

B. Non-priority targets: RADT from public health center screening clinic or a temporary screening inspection center. (Using self-diagnostic kits)


1) RADT targets

-Those who wish to be tested that do not fall under the PCR test priority

-To issue confirmation for quarantine pass


2) How to RADT

At the separated RADT test area in the inspection center, subject will directly conduct the test by themselves under the supervision of the inspection managers

-Test result positive: Immediate PCR test

-Test result negative: You may leave or issue negative confirmation for quarantine passes(24 hours)

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