Article No.
Title : Recruiting French part-time job students

We are recruiting French part-time job students studying in Korea for the tasting/sales promotion event of the French sauces, Les Mets de Provence, in hyper markets, Emart and Home plus as below :


1. For What : In-store Tasting & Sales Promotion Event of French sauces, Les Mets de Provence, attached in hyper markets, Emart and Home plus located in Seoul, Korea

2. Number to be Admitted: Two (both men and women eligible). Brief Korean language preferred

3. Period/Schedule: 1 Month, Oct. 2016. Fri, Sat, Sunday. 4 hours per day (P.M 2 - 6)   * Adjustable

4. Pay: 10,000 Won/Hour. Median between Korea (8,500 Won) and France (Euro 9.67, 12,000 Won)  

             * Negotiable. Incentive to be discussed

5. Contact Info: Song Ki Duk

                          Managing Director, Great Bright Ltd.

                          Ewhayeodae 8gil, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea 03769

                          Mobile 010 9213 7527



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