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Title : [서울대 인권센터] 국제동계강좌 <인권과 아시아 2018> 수강생 모집

서울대학교 인권센터에서 지난 2014년부터 개최한 국제인권동계강좌 <인권과 아시아> 5회를 맞게되었습니다국제인권동계강좌 <인권과 아시아 2018> 내년 1 8일부터 19일까지 개최  예정이며인권에 높은 관심이 있는 대학원생연구자활동가법조인 등을 대상으로 2주간 집중적으로 국내외인권분야 전문가들의 강의와 전세계에서 모인 동료 참가자들과의 토론을 통해 아시아의 구체적인 지역적 맥락에서 인권의 보편성에 대해 생각하고 아시아의 인권 문제에 대한 이해를 심화하기 위해 기획되었습니다.

<인권과 아시아> 국제인권규범  국제적인 인권보호 장치에 대한 일반적인 강의와 아시아의 구체적인 인권 문제  사례에 대해 논하는 강의로 다양하게 구성되며 영어로 진행됩니다이번 2018 <인권과 아시아강좌에서는표현의 자유와 민주주의기후변화젠더/섹슈얼리티사회·경제적 권리기업 다양한 주제와 인권이 아시아적 맥락에서 어떻게 교차하는지 다룰 예정입니다관심 있는 분들의 많은지원 바랍니다.


w   장학금 신청자: 2017. 10. 11. () 18:00

w   일반지원자: 2017. 10. 27. () 18:00

자세한 프로그램과 강사진에 대한 소개지원 방법 안내는 <인권과 아시아홈페이지< asia/2018 >  참고해주시기 바랍니다.

<영문 / English>

○ Subject: Call for Applications: Int’l Winter Course ‘Human Rights and Asia 2018’

○ Content:

The Seoul National University Human Rights Center is pleased to announce its 5th International Winter Course ‘Human Rights and Asia 2018’ will take place from 8 to 19 January 2018 at Seoul National University (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

It is designed to allow participants to think about the universality of human rights in particular contexts of Asia and to gain a deepened understanding about human rights issues in this region. This 2-week intensive course, taught by prominent human rights experts, offers both general sessions on international human rights norms and human rights protection mechanisms, and thematic sessions on contemporary issues and case studies in Asia.

The 5th International Winter Course ‘Human Rights and Asia 2018’ will provide a unique opportunity to discuss human rights and various contemporary themes such as freedom of expression and democracy, climate change, gender/sexuality, economic, social-economic rights and business in the context of Asia.

The course is designed for postgraduate students, researchers, activists, lawyers, and international and national civil servants from all countries of the world who demonstrate a high level of interest in human rights and Asia. The course is taught in English. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40 and the participants will be selected in a way to ensure the diversity within participants in terms of professional and academic background, region, and field of interests.

 Application Deadline:

w   Applicants applying for a scholarship:

Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 18:00 (Korea Standard Time: GMT +09:00)

w   Self-funded applicants:

Friday, 27 October 2017, 18:00 (Korea Standard Time: GMT +09:00)

For more information, please visit our website: en/courses/asia/2018

Please contact us at should you have any further questions about the course.

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