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Title : [GDIS] Additional materials for Course registration for the Spring 2018

Dear Students,


Greetings from the GDIS Office! This is TA Inkang.


I am writing to inform you of updated information in regard to the 2018 Spring Semester Course Registration.

I hope you can have better understanding how to register courses through attached additional materials.

(Petition application forms, Revised Course guide (KOR & ENG), Timetable for the Spring semester)


Please read the email below and attached materials carefully.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Spring 2018 Course Registration

List of Schedule


Course Registration

(via Sugang Website)

Feb. 12 (Mon) 9AM to Feb 14 (Wed) 5PM

Course Confirmation and Modification

(via Sugang Website)

Mar. 5 (Mon) 9A ~ Mar. 9 (Fri) 5PM

Course Withdrawal

(via Ewha Portal-Eureka)

Mar. 26 (Mon) 9AM ~ Mar. 30 (Fri) 5PM


·         Course Registration Site:

·         Petition form application period: From Feb. 12 (Mon) 9AM to Mar. 6(Tue) 3PM.

-  Please submit the petition forms to the GSIS office within petition form application period above. (e.g. Application for Adding Extra Credits for Professional training course including IS311 Academic writing practicum, credit acknowledgement for other GSIS credit exchange courses, Independent study or track change etc.)  

* Please note if you do not meet requirements of the application form (e.g. applicants and academic advisors signature etc. which are very important ***), your application cannot be approved.

·         List of Courses Offered & Syllabus: Searchable via Ewha portal EUREKA or link below

o eureka/hs/sg/openHssg504024q. do?popupYn=Y&englishYn=Y   (English-taught courses)

o eureka/hs/sg/openHssg504023q. do?popupYn=Y   (All course)



With regards to the mandatory Professional Training Courses for Master students:


·         All Master students must take two (2) semesters (1 credit each) of IS301 Distinguished Global Lecture Series.

·         All Master students must take IS302 Short-term internship for 1 credit (you can apply for this class at the GCMC Main Office (IEB #1102)).

For IS311 Academic Writing Practicum:

·         This class is mandatory for all students to graduate.

·         Online registration is not available. Students MUST submit the application form [GSIS 4-1 Application form for Adding Extra Credits for Professional course] to the GSIS office From Feb. 12 (Mon) 9AM to Mar. 6(Tue) 3PM.

·         *** students in their 3th or 4th semester students will be given priority over 2nd and 1st semester students in the selection process and if there are still seats available, students who submit the application form earlier to the GSIS office will be given priority for this course.

·         (You can submit the application form by email to or visiting the GSIS office in person but please do not forget your signature in the form).

·         If a student previously took IS310 Writing Sessions (0 credits), the student MUST take this class for the required credits.

·         If a student previously took IS316 Practicum in Academic Writing or IS311 as a week-long workshop, then you DO NOT need to take this class. Your requirement has been fulfilled.

·         This course starts from Mar. 12 (Mon), 2018. For lecture room number and time, please, refer to the course syllabus.

For IS317 Practicum in Effective Presentation:

·         All students must take either IS312 Global Career Management Practicum or IS317 Practicum in Effective Presentation to graduate.

·         For Spring 2018 semester, there will be one available class, IS317 Practicum in Effective Presentation. This course consists of the first 7 weeks of the semester starting from Mar. 6(Tue), 2018. For lecture room number and time, please refer to the course syllabus.

·         Incoming students are advised to take this class this semester.


* One more note : These days, Hotmail Company blocked emails sent from Ewha, if you are Hotmail user, please let us know your another email address.


Thank you very much.


Sincere regards,


TA Inkang Kim

Dept. of International Studies

Ewha Graduate School of International Studies

Tel: +82 2 3277 6612   Fax: +82 2 365 0942

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