Article No.
Title : A part-time government employee Needed at the Seorae Global Village Center

Seocho-gu, Seoul Metropolitan Government

We hereby place the public notification for the recruitment of a part-time government employee as Head of the Seorae Global Village Center as follows:

1. Vacancy Details

a) Position Title: Head of the Seorae Global Village Center

b) Type of Employment : Part-time , Rank “Na”

c) Number of Position: 1

2. Workplace and Working Hours

a) Workplace: Seorae Global Village Center (Seorae-ro 28, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu)

b) Working hours: 4 hours per day from 10:00 to 15:00 or 11:00 to 16:00

(1 hour of lunch break included) for 5 days a week

c) Vacation days: determined by the employment ordinances of Seocho District Office


3. Screening Process



a) Round 1: Documents examination



b) Round 2: Interview (only for the applicants who have passed Round 1)



4. Qualifications


a) Foreigner who is a current resident of Korea and has been staying here for at least 1 year as of the date of recruitment notification.



b) Foreigner fluent in French, English and able to speak in Korean, who is eligible for the following visa(s): F-2, F-5, F-6, E-7 (native residents are excluded)



c) Obtained a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Korea or abroad and should have a job experience for at least 1 year in a relevant position



5. Contract Term: 1 year

 *The contract may be extended for an additional year up to a maximum of five years based on performance.


6. How to apply

a) application period: May 27th –30th, 2014 (from 9:00 to 18:00)

               b) submission: visit the center in person (Apply by post not available)

*Download the application form at the following websites:


-Seocho District Office:

 -Seorae Global Village Center:

*Location: Seorae Global Village Center, Banpo-4dong, 90-12, 3rd floor of Jeon Building

 *How to get there: Seocho Station, exit no. 7

 (Take the Maeul Bus #13 and get off at ‘Seorae Global Village Center’ stop)

 c) The job may be reposted if the number of candidates applied is less than or equal to the number posted in this notification.

 For inquires: Seorae Global Village Center (02)2155-8915~6


7. Documents to submit:

 ○ completed application form (use the form attached)

  resume and cover letter (use the form attached)

 ○ Certificate of Entry/Exit issued from Korean Immigration (출입국사실증명서) and Certificate of foreigner registration (외국인등록사실 증명서)

  ○ Family Relation Certificate (가족관계증명서) (for naturalized Koreans or marriage immigrants

  ○ a copy of your diploma/degree

 a copy of Certificate of Career Experience or Proof of Current Employment, if applicable

  ○ a copy of official scores of Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), if applicable.

  ○ 3 photos of 3cm * 4 cm size

  ○ application charge: 7,000won

If documents are written in foreign languages, certified (or notarized) Korean translations of such are required.

The supporting documents must clearly identify the information. If not, the documents will not be accepted and/or additional documents will be requested.


8. Result Announcement


a) Round 1: will be posted on the Seocho-gu Office website and notified individually

b) Round 2: same as above


If a vacancy occurs due to circumstances such as abandonment/cancellation of employment, reasons for disqualification or immediate resignation, the next successful candidates may be recruited within the next three months after the announcement of the final results.


9. Salary & Compensation



The annual salary will be determined by the compensation rules for the Local Government Employees.



Official Rank: part time contract position with the Local Government Rank ‘Na’



a) Basic annual salary: 20,830,000 won per annum (1,735,830 won per month)



b) Benefits: family allowance, meal allowance, overtime payment, etc.



10. Note:



a. All submitted documents and application fee will not be returned. If any information provided by the candidate turns out to be false, the offer of employment will be cancelled.



b. All submitted forms must be written in Korean and also all the copies written in foreign languages must be translated into Korean.



c. The applicant is responsible for the disadvantages (including the cancellation of admission) caused by failure to submit required documents, errors or omissions in the application.



d. All information provided by the applicant will remain confidential.



e. If there is no suitable applicant, the post may be cancelled even after the first screening results are notified. Failure of background check and/or education verification may disqualify the candidate.



f. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the Korean text shall prevail.



g. Applicants must arrive at the interview place at least 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time. Make sure you bring your alien registration card and application identification slip on the interview day.



*If you have any questions, please contact the Seorae Global Village Center at 02-2155-8915~8916





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