Article No.
Title : 14th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

□ Internship Overview

Period: 2014. 6. 23(Mon.) ~ 2014.8. 8(Fri.), 7 weeks

Current Openings: refer to the attached document (application form)


- Foreign student enrolled in a university in Seoul area with completion of at least one semester. (Exchange, Visiting, Language school students are also eligible to apply)

- Holding Visa valid until August 8th, 2014.

Working hours: Mon. - Fri. from 09:00 to 16:00 (1hr. Lunch break)

Wage: 32,000won per day

Major event: Orientation (6.23), Voluntary activity (7.4), Seoul field trip (7.25),

Closing Ceremony (8.8)

The above schedules are subject to change without prior notice


□ Application and Selection Guide

Application deadline: 2014. 5. 27. Tuesday (for recommendation)

 How to Apply: Send your application and additional documents as Zip to [] in order to 

                                   be included in the recommendation list of Office of International Affairs. 

                                   For the applicant who wants recommendation, deadline is 27th May (Tue).

                                   Otherwise, you should submit it by yourself to as given in the

                                    notice until 28th May.

   ❍ Details of Application and Selection are given in the attached Recruitment Notice


Attached file Attached file:
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