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Title : Travel Korea with 20% of the fare supported by Rural-20

What is Rural-20 Project?

Developed by the South Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries with the aim of introducing the beauty of Korean rural villages to the world over, the project features tourism courses and activities under four broad themes (“Experience,” “Nature,” “OrientTraditional Culture,” and “Well-being”) encompassing twenty select villages in South Korea that retain beautiful natural environments and local traditions.


How have the tourism courses and activities been developed?

Tourism experts developed and designed tourism courses (one-day or overnight) by linking twenty select rural villages in Korea and the surrounding tourism attractions. All of these tourism courses incorporate a wide range of interesting activities, unique thing to and delicious food.

Rural Experience Village

Rural Experience Village refers to villages that are developed since early 2000 to promote rural tourism that provides people a chance to enjoy well-preserved nature and culture of rural areas as well as experiencing the life in farming and fishing villages. For more information on these villages, go to 'Welchon Portal (


Rural-20s for 2013 FW are as below (also please find in attachment for further information)



WHY Rural-20 ?

If travelling with Rural-20 project, foreign students need to pay only 20% of travel fares because

the other 80% is supported by Korea Government (Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries).

Hope you find beauties of Korea while you're staying in this amazing place.

Here are the 20 experiences and tour spots you may go with Rural-20:


In order to register or get more details, please visit the homepage (

or contact 02-728-8700 / email (

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