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Title : [Sunnong Culture Forum] Leadership Academy

Invitation to 2018 Spring Course of Leadership Academy


Sunnong Culture Forum invites the students from developing countries to the 2018 Spring Course of Leadership Academy which opens on Friday, March 16.

Leadership Academy was created in September 2017 to share with foreign students successful Korean development experience from aid dependence to sustainable development with strong emphasis on self-help and a sense of ownership. Leadership Academy also presents background information on key development issues facing the developing countries such as mindset problem, aid dependence, corruption, inequality, empowerment of women, and leadership.

Contents of Leadership Academy are specially designed to promote the “Can-Do-Spirit” and nurture ownership and leadership for the participating students who will become aspiring leaders of their own countries in the future.

Leadership Academy serves not only as a unique venue to share Korean development experience but also as an open forum to promote goodwill and friendship among participating students from many different countries. The inaugural Autumn Course of 2017 was completed with a great success. A total number of 35 students from 28 countries received the Certificates.

The Course is conducted in English on every Friday evening. The participation is free of charge. The detailed information of the Leadership Academy including application procedure can be obtained at the homepage of the Leadership Academy (


Leadership Academy welcomes any student interested in Korean development experience to its 2018 Spring Course.


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