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Title : [Cultural Event] MBC Broadcast Station Field Trip

 ※Field Trip to MBC station! You can enjoy various popular drama and entertainment programs at MBC stations.

   MBC theme park offers hologram K-pop concerts, virtual reality drama sets and more.

   The theme park's main attractions include experience M,B,C zones where visitors can experience being on stage with K-pop stars in a holographic form, learn dance moves from the stars or become the main character of a favorite K drama.

 ※OIA supports the remaining participation fee. We only require a minimum amount of participation fee to prevent 'no-show'

 ● This program is for Degree-Seeking International Students and Exchange/Visiting Students

 ● Date: 2018. 5. 31(Thurs)

 ● Time: 2:15 pm

 ● Venue: MBC station 267 Seongnam road, Mapo-gu, Seoul


 ● Participation Fee: 5000 won

 ● How to Apply:

  ※Apply only through online (below) and then pay 5000 won at OIA (ECC B329) by 5/23

  ※Degree-Seeking Student   ▶ CLICK HERE (~5/22)

  ※Exchange/Visiting Student  ▶ CLICK HERE (~5/22)

 ● Program: Experiencing M,B,C zone, Historical Drama, News, many other popular TV programs

 ● If you do not pay the fee by 5/23 , your online application will be cancelled, and the fee is non-refundable. Check out the link below for your reference.

  MBC World:



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