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Title : [Notice] Purchasing Insurance on Campus

International students(including students who have completed their courses) must have acceptable insurance as a condition of their enrollment and visa from the period of their matriculation until the expiration of their student visa under the regulation of the Ministry of Justice, Korea. Students who do not meet medical insurance requirements will be restricted from ordering official statements, obtaining visa, applying for scholarships, etc. Failure to prove the above requirement will be reported to the immigration office and will affect your status in Korea. So please check on the effective period of your health insurance (ask your insurance company), and purchase one if it will be expiring soon. Below is a guidance for students who want to purchase a private insurance at school.

You can also purchase your medical insurance at any company other than Dongbu, but you MUST submit the certificate of your medical insurance to the Office of International Affairs(ECC B329) by March 2nd. If you do not submit your medical insurance certificate, you will be reported to the Immigration Office as an international student without a medical insurance.

1.     Purchasing private health insurance on campus

è  Bring a copy of attached application form(fill it in) and cash(1 year : 120,000 KRW, 6 months : 60,000 KRW) with you.




February 23rd (Tue)



ECC B144

March 5th(Mon)


ECC B337

March 6th(Tues)



    2. Purchasing private health insurance via e-mail

     1) Send insurance fee to the account below under your name.

           -Accountà 110-425-533146 신한은행(Shinhan bank), 우병현

           -Insurance feeà 1 year: 120,000 KRW, 6 months: 60,000 KRW

       2) Fill in the application form(attached) and send it to by March 2nd(Fri). 

       3) Inquiries: 010-3099-9883,
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