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Title : [Notice] Application for Alien Registration On-Campus Service

Guide on Application for Alien Registration On-Campus Service


To reside in Korea for more than 3 months, you must apply for alien registration within 90 days of arrival in Korea. Accordingly, Global Service Center (GSC) is going to provide Alien Registration On-Campus Service. For those who would like to apply for alien registration, please submit all the required documents to GSC. Once your registration is confirmed in about 3 weeks, you should visit the Immigration Office to register your finger print and pick up the alien registration card by yourself.


▣ Eligibility: Degree-seeking Freshmen (Undergraduate, The Graduate School) with D-2 visa and

            Exchange/Study Abroad Students with D-2 Visa

*Students with other visa types and registered students are NOT eligible.

*Students who have alien registration number are NOT eligible.

*Professional•Special Graduate School Students (including GSIS) are NOT eligible.


Pre-Registration: September 4th, 2017(Mon)~ September 13th, 2017(Wed) 4PM

* ONLY pre-registered students can use alien registration on-campus service.

For Degree-Seeking Freshmen:


For Exchange/Study Abroad Students:



▣ Date & Time of Alien Registration On-Campus Service

   * Students cannot choose the date.

   * Students cannot reschedule their visit and cannot have service if they visit on the wrong date.

    Exchange/Visiting/ Degree seeking students: September 18th, 2017(Mon) 10AM~12PM, 1~4PM


▣ Venue: ECC Lee Sam-bong Hall(B4)


▣ Required Documents:

  1. Application form (Download Attachment below or visit

  2. Passport

  3. Photocopy of passport

  4. Photocopy of D-2 visa page on your passport

  5. Color ID Photograph (3.5cm*4.5cm) – Check the Immigration Office’s Standard

  6. Certificate of studentship

      Degree-Seeking: Available at Eureka or Student Service Center

     Exchange/Visiting: You may find in your Orientation Packet.

                            If you need additional copy, please visit OIA (ECC B334)

  1. Medical Certificate for tuberculosis examination issued by Seodaemun Community Health Center within 3 months – Students who acquire D-2 visa after 2016. 07. does not need to submit medical certificate.

  2. Fee (30,000 KRW): Cash Only


▣ Check Standard Photo Size of Immigration Office:


▣ Where to take ID Photo

  1. Ewha Photo Studio: Located near student restaurant lobby at Human Ecology Building (02-3277-4866)

  2. Photo Booth: Located in Ewha Womans University Subway Station


▣ Important Notes on the Service

It takes about a month or longer for the Immigration Office to examine the applications and confirm the registration because this is a group application. Those who need their alien registration card or passport soon should visit the Immigration office and apply for alien registration by themselves. Also, please be aware that your D-2 visa will be automatically expired when you travel out of Korea before receiving your alien registration card. Please make sure to bring all the required documents with yourself and read FAQ (attached) thoroughly. For more detailed information on visa/sojourn regulations, please visit the Immigration Office website ( or call +82-1345.
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